Stick Setup Guide and Account Activation Method

Stick Setup Guide & Account Activation Issue Solution

Gone are the days when you had to stick around to catch your favorite television programs or shows, otherwise if you missed them, you were out of luck unless the big networks decided to play them again. Recent increasing internet bandwidth has enabled us to stream large amounts of content leading to the creation of services like Netflix and HuluPlus that stream and host television shows and movies to their subscribers through the internet. This has led to the evolution of home entertainment with the introduction of set-top boxes like Roku that stream content from the internet and you are no longer fixed to programming schedules. Technology has jumped a step further with the creation of Roku Streaming Stick that is smaller and similar to a flash disk in appearance and directly plugs into a port on your TV and allows you to stream content from the internet.

Streaming sticks connect to your television with an RCA cable or HDMI cable depending on their models or your television model. So if you are looking to but install a Roku stick, this article is about how to use and set-up your Roku Streaming Stick and solving Roku activation issues.

How to Use and Setup Your Streaming Stick?

Setting up your Roku streaming stick is not a simple plug and use process. Here is a detailed step guide of the setup focusing on Roku streaming sticks compatible with televisions with HDMI ports.

Connect Stick to Your Television

The first step involves inserting your Roku streaming stick to your television’s HDMI port. You can use your TV or a wall socket to power your streaming stick. Whichever means you decide to use, insert the small end of a USB cable into the streaming stick and if your television has a USB port, enter the larger end into it. If not, use an electrical socket adapter, and then power the stick from the powers supply.

Once done, turn on your TV and change to the right HDMI channel.

Setup Wizard Guide

Once your television turns on, a Roku logo will appear where afterwards you will be directed to the setup wizard. You will first be prompted to choose a language where you will press OK on your remote after selecting your preferred language.

On the next screen, Wi-Fi networks within your range will appear. Use your remote to navigate through and choose your network then type your network’s password on the on-screen keyboard that will appear. On the screen, the progress is displayed, and for peak functionality, you should see three green ticks

On the final stage of the initial setup wizard, your Roku software will update and depending on your internet speed; it could take several minutes.

Roku Com Account

For you to be able to add channels on the steaming stick, you will need a Roku account. You first create the account then link the account to your Roku device.

Creating a Roku Com Account

To create a Roku account visit Roku Sign up Page on your computer and fill the registration form.

After entering the required personal information, choose your preferred password, confirm you are above 18 years and agree to their terms and conditions then hit Continue.

On the next screen, you will need to create a PIN which is used to control who makes purchases on Roku store and restricts who adds new channels. Once done, hit Continue.

On the last screen, you may choose to enter your billing information but if you don’t intend on buying any channels directly from the Roku store, click Skip.

You will now have successfully created your Roku account.

Linking Your TV Stick Account to Your Streaming Stick

Once you have completed the setup wizard, you will see a screen reading Activate Your Roku. Write down the six-digit code that will be displayed.

Go back to your Roku account where you may either click on Link a Device or go to where you will enter the code then click on Submit. Your account is now successfully linked to your Roku streaming stick.

After completing the mentioned steps, you can decide to adjust or change other settings that may be useful in ensuring you have an overall good experience when it comes to your home entertainment by adding a personal touch into them. You can do all this by moving to your settings and changing things like display type-720p or 1080p, audio, privacy, captions, themes and system-control other devices, screen mirroring and time.

Adding Channels

Once you are done with the above steps, you will need to add your favorite channels at the same time personalizing them. Here is what you need to know about channels.

Default Programs

Depending on where you reside, Roku comes some preloaded channels like Netflix. However, if some you don’t like some of the channels, you have an option of deleting them.

To do this you, highlight Home then press OK. Scroll through to the channel you don't want then press on the Star icon on your remote ten select Remove Channel.

Adding Channels to Your Device

You can add channels to your streaming stick in two ways.

The uncomplicated step involves accessing the Roku store by highlighting Streaming Channels and pressing OK. You will see a list of 26 categories where you will then press OK on a kind that interests you. On the list of channels that will appear, scroll through and press OK on a channel that you like where you will see a brief description of the channel then click on Add Channel to add it to your device.

Adding Channels Online

You also have an option of adding channels online. To do this go Roku to access their site and navigate to their channel store and start exploring. Once you find something interesting to you, click Add Channel.

Account Activation Issue

When setting up or creating your Roku account, you may face several activation issues. Error code messages 001,003,009,011 and 014 may be displayed on your screen with each coded message signifying a particular problem. To solve these issues, visit their website where you will find solutions on how to fix the various issues but if you may find the answers provided not helpful, call the Roku TV support number  +1(866) 574-1777   for further assistance.

If you are thinking of adding quality and affordable streaming device to your home entertainment, a Roku Streaming Stick is a perfect choice considering its ease of use, compact design and a large number of channels. The information provided here will save you time when setting your Roku Streaming Stick and your first experiences when using Roku will be different now that you have an insight of its look and feel.