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A Guide to TV Stick: Packs, Services & More

Roku TV Guide:

Roku is a digital media streaming player that allows you to watch or stream free and paid music, videos, or entertainment content on your television via the internet. You can access TV shows and movies through applications that are popularly known as channels. If you are looking to buy a new TV, a Roku TV bears all the functions of a Roku built into the television.Roku devices are easy to set-up and use and offer a more affordable and convenient way to watch. Given that there are various Roku devices which differ in many aspects, this article will provide with fundamental and useful information to need to know about the devicesGeneral Features

Roku devices may display differences among them like pricing but there some features that cut across all models. Here are some features that all Roku boxes share:

• Same Roku operating system software.

• Access to over 4000 free and paid channels.

• Come with remote control

• Support wireless internet connections

• Fully support 1080p high definition videos.

• Can connect to the television through an HDMI cable

• Can be controlled by Roku mobile application

Stick Setup Guide

Setting up Roku to your Tv is a simple process, broken into three easy steps.

1. Power up your Roku device-plug one end of your HDMI cable to the device and the other end your TV’s HDMI port. You then proceed to connect the device’s power cable to a power source and turn on your television and proceed with the setup process.

2. Connect your device to the internet-after selecting your language, turn to the network page where you will scan for all available networks. You then select your network and enter its password then press OK. Once connected to the internet, you will be asked to let it download its latest software after which you will confirm your preferred display settings and if you like you can set your Roku remote to control your television or skip the step. You will then have to wait for an activation code to appear on your screen which is usually five characters. Using your smartphone or computer, go to where you will then enter the code in the text box that will appear in the middle then click on submit.3. Create a Roku account-fill on the text fields that appear on your screen which will include your preferred password and email among other information. You will then choose your payment method say a credit card or PayPal after which you provide relevant information. You will then complete any additional steps after which your activation process will be complete and your device ready to use on your television.If you will face any challenges, you can call Roku Customer Support Help-desk or go to Roku support online


• Roku Streaming Stick-are similar to flash disks in appearance, very light in weight and are directly plugged at the HDMI port of your television. The Standard Roku Stick is priced at about $50 and has an added feature of a voice search enabled remote. Priced at almost $70, the Roku Streaming Plus offers High Dynamic Range(HDR) and 4K videos at 60 frames a second and has a higher Wi-Fi range in addition to all functions and features of the standard model.

Ultra-Selling at about $100:- Roku Ultra boasts the most powerful processor of all new Roku devices and comes equipped with other features like optical audio, remote finder, voice remote, USB storage, and gaming buttons.

Premiere and Premiere:- Premiere devices are valued at almost $40, and the latter is retailing at about $50 and offer HDR and 4K videos. The only notable difference between the two is that the Premiere+ model comes with an advanced remote that features voice search, and buttons that control the volume of your television.

Express and Express:- You can get Roku Express for about $30 and Express plus for almost $40 with the only difference between them being that the Express Plus model comes with composite A/V cables meant for older televisions.


As pointed out earlier, Roku provides access to 4000+ channels. Here are some of their top channels:

• News: The Blaze, Fox News, CBS News, Sky News among others

• Internet: YouTube, Vimeo, Break and many more

• Sports: NFL Now, NBA League Pass, WWE Network and more

• Movies and TV: Netflix, PBS, HBO GO, Crackle TV among others

The information provided may come in handy if you are trying to set up your Roku device or when trying to choose which model is ideal for your home. Most of their remotes are also easy to use, and in some models with remote-find features, they are perfect for the very young and senior members of your family. Being affordable,24 hr Roku TV customer service and offering high-quality video displays, this device will take your home entertainment to a new level