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Welcome To Roku Com Link

Roku is this generation’s need, it’s a streaming device which comforts you to watch movies, shows anytime, anywhere on your mobile phones, tablets, television screens with a prize which starts from £29.99.

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Technology has brought great gifts to our lives with the ease to access anything and anywhere as and whenever we want makes us addicted for more and more technology. The more we get, the more we want and the more we look forward to.

So, like humans’ technology also comes with limited functions by breaking down due to Exhaustion, limited energy supply, and the list go on and on. So, We at Roku, provide you with the best post Services, whether it’s related to Setup or Troubleshooting, you just name, we got it all covered just for you.

We build and provide services for the troubles you got through when you are configuring our devices with the promise to be there for you whenever you desire our services. We cherish you and your patience with us, by showing our loyalties to each and every problem you’re facing due to our devices. Never panic, we are only one call away to keep your day happier with the continuous movie marathon.

To start the cinematic experience with us. You need to get linked with Roku Account. This account contains all information on your devices, along with the channels you have installed with settings and preferences.
  • Creation of Roku Account does not have a charge.
  • It also does not charge for Device Activation.

During the activation process, you need to go to the Roku Website with the link code displayed on your Roku device.

If you are getting an error, you can resolve it by going through these steps:

Go to Roku Device < Press the Start Button on your Roku Remote < You’ll receive the new code < return to Roku.com/link < Enter the new code.

If the screen gets stuck on the Link Code screen, make sure you have completed all the steps on the website in order to complete the activation.

Note: You may get Error 001, which means the TV is not connected via the Internet Connection. If the problem occurs again, try again. Don’t lose hope, call us, we are only one call away.

This always makes you anxious and angry. But it happens when your Roku Streaming Device has lost its Internet Connection and is unable to identify your username/ email ID and password. Since the app cannot verify you, don’t lose your mind, just following the following instructions and let the streaming of your favourite shows begin:

Go to your Roku Home Page < Choose Settings < then Networks < Update the Connection.

Your internet connection will get connected with Roku with a strong connection and if you haven’t updated it yet, go ahead and do it.

If you are facing the issue with the password, you can reset it from the website’s login page. And if the issue appears still, then don’t panic, we are just one call away – Always there to lend a helping hand to our customers.

  • Problems appear mostly due to Bad internet Connection, try to refresh it.
  • might have forgotten the password, remember it or better reset it.
  • Try to clear your cookies/caches.
  • Try to download compatible browsers.

You may face problems and receive messages like Oops! Something went wrong. You are required to input all your information along with the Activation Link like name, email, password and accepting to all the terms and conditions.

But if you do face some issues, do the following:

  • Clean all cookies/local storage.
  • Reboot your Roku Application.
  • Log in into your Roku Account.
  • Connect your Roku to your Televisions via an internet connection.
  • Add your favourite channels and shows
  • And now you are done linking your Roku Account.

When you grow, you experience changes in your body or in your behaviour, just like that always update your Roku services as we always keep enhancing and developing them for ease and suitability of our viewers.

So, these simple steps will make your viewing experience better, if you try and keep up with the software update of ours, follow the following steps:

Go to Roku.com < sign in with your Roku Account < GO to the setting< Go to System Update < Check now to just check your system for updates.

Boom, you just updated your Software with options only to ease up your viewing. Every now and then, your system would require such updates, be a good user and a techie and let the app do its job.

  • It enhances and gives you the best viewing options and experiences.
  • It just like with Games or Social media, to benefit and provide you with choices and buttons to maximize your pleasure.

Roku faulty Codes are the error messages received by Roku when it’s having a difficulty in receiving signals either when you are creating the ROKU account or using it. It happens, all you need to do is start the troubleshooting. But you just can’t do that all by yourself, you need an expert opinion and guidance. So, to guide you through listed below are the few of Roku errors, you must be aware of:

Roku Error Code 014 – This error happens in the router while connecting to your television. This error can be resolved, try connecting it your modem < check Ethernet cable < Boom, you are connected.

Roku Error Code 009 – This error happens in when there is no internet connection. This error can be resolved, by rebooting the system.

Roku Error Code 001 – This error can be resolved, Home < Fast Rewind Button < Software Update < Connect with an internet connection.

Roku Error Code 011 - This error can be resolved, Remove the Power Supply < Settings < Network. Repeat the Roku Setup Process with a good internet connection.

Roku Error Code 003 – This happens due to the damaged internet connection. This error can be resolved, check your router settings < change your 802.11 modes to at least 802.11 b/g.

If it’s still not fixed, don’t panic. Call us, we are ready to help and address your problems.

Sometimes even machines need a timeout, so they show messages like ‘Unable to connect with your internet connection along with ERROR 14. So, you need to follow the following steps in order to enjoy the endless streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies when you are unable to connect or facing the connectivity issues:

  • Select your wireless network by inputting the right username and password, so that the ROKU TV could establish an internet connection.
  • Restart your ROKU Device and the router.
  • Note:
  • Check your HDMI ports and Ethernet cables as sometimes loosening of them affect the connectivity.
  • If you are using for the first time, complete our network setup process to enjoy our services.

  • You can check your connections:

  • Go to Settings < Network < Check Connections to perform the testing and running.
  • If you have a poor internet connection, you can go through our instructions regarding the strengthening of our internet connections.

If after all these the problem still occurs, we are only one call away to shoot away all your troubles and leave you content with your favorite TV shows and movies. Enjoy!

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